The Sepulchre

Here, in the Sepulchre, Penumbra has chosen to pay tribute to those individuals of celebrity or fame whose passing from the Earthly Realm was deemed personally significant. Not all the memorials here (and they are but few and very carefully chosen) would probably be counted among the selections of many...but each and every one is intrinsically intimate and/or worthy of note (simply a humble opinion) for a variety of reasons.

For the most part, those to be honored in the Sepulchre will have passed since Penumbra's drawbridge was first lowered in August of 2000. There are four exceptions to this statement...the first four memorials listed. It is believed that any explanation for their inclusion is unnecessary...they speak for themselves. A select handful of personages may also be added to this particular pre-dated list at a later point...time and inclination permitting.

Marilyn Monroe

John Lennon

Diana, Princess of Wales

Mother Theresa

George Harrison

Dudley Moore

John Entwistle

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