Owl Mail

Due to the unfortunate excessive influx of unsolicited e-mail messages, Arianrhod the Owl...Guardian of the Missives...has decided in her infinite wisdom to revise the method of contact. Since Arianrhod's claw is rapidly becoming paralyzed beneath the weight of so much diligent recording...to say nothing of the volumes of noted messages which are now severely warping her perch... she has determined that any who wish to communicate with the inhabitants of Penumbra are requested to do so in the following fashion:

Open your personal mail messaging center and direct your inquiry or comment as follows:

It would also be very helpful if the nature of the message could be indicated in the subject line...specific page being referenced or type of query, for example, in order that Arianrhod might not mistake your most important words for that which we believe is referred to in modern times as "spam," and promptly shred all evidence by way of beak and talon.

This change in protocol is deeply regretted, but it is fervently hoped that such will eventually thwart those pesky spiders which seem to have ensnarled the Castle's address within their sticky and loathsome webs...to say nothing of not having to listen to the infuriated screech of Arianrhod every hour upon the hour when she discovers her casement windowsill constantly littered with little more than aggravating and inconsequential rubbish.

Your cooperation is thus much appreciated.

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