The LightHouse

The original LightHouse was once contained within AOL's Imagination ShowCase. Created by and for the Bards who would gather every Tuesday evening to spin tales in a chat area known as the Forest (and later renamed "The Bards Forest"), the LightHouse acted as an archive for those weekly tales...and other creative works of the Forest Bards. Once mediated by an official AOL Host, the Forest has long since been abandoned in its initial form and, based upon knowledge and belief, has now been disbanded entirely. However, it was maintained for many years after its original inception, thanks mainly to the dedication and tenacity of one former Forest Bard who goes by the name of CatZachrid. The founding tale-spinners of the Forest moved on quite some time ago, but there remained a handful of faithful souls (and new attendees) who would meet around the campfire every Tuesday to perpetuate the spirit of the original Forest up until the time of its abandonment.

As for the LightHouse itself, the concept was discontinued by AOL some years prior to the Forest being abandoned. For quite some time, the LightHouse and its valuable contents were believed to have been lost. However, its location was rediscovered in May of 2001 by a former Forest Bard who stumbled upon an active link via an old website.

In honor of all those magical and whimsical hours spent in the Forest, in remembrance of all the Bards who passed through and left their prints forever the soil of the Clearing, and for the sake of posterity, the collaborative efforts stored within the LightHouse walls are recreated here...for who knows when the originals might disappear forever into oblivion?

Some of the LightHouse areas have not been duplicated, either because the collection of works within those areas is now inaccessible or not displayed in their entirety. Other areas have been excluded due to the pieces being of a more individual nature (rather than collaborative) and their creators (most of whom are no longer able to be contacted for permission due to a change in alias, for example) may not desire to have their work duplicated here. Nontheless, the subject matter of those exclusions, together with their original accompanying "Welcome" announcements, are as follows:

The Keeper's Den
Through a single window here in the Keeper's Den, you can see the dark, distant forest that borders this old Lighthouse to the north, as well as the boundless waters of the restless ocean which stretch to the horizon as far south as the eye can see. It is calm and peaceful here, with short stories, essays, book reviews--and more--all arranged on the individual shelves with which the walls are lined.

Make a selection or two and relax on the comfortable old leather couch by the fireplace. Listen to the soothing sound of the waves breaking against the rocks as you read the works of both aspiring and published authors.

When your visit is over, we invite you to pin a note on our message board! Just click twice on "Post Comments Here!!" & look for "Lighthouse Reflections".

We hope you are enjoying your visit and that you'll return again soon. There's always something new waiting to be discovered on the shelves of the Den.

Please send submissions for *The Keeper's Den* as attached .txt files, or inside the body of an Email to me...

~Niki7 (c) 1996

The StairWell
If a bird was looking inside this window right now, it would see you climbing our spiraling stairwell, which leads to the upper levels of our Lighthouse. However, if you could, pause for a moment and examine the walls!

They are adorned with assorted works by our resident artists, photographers, and computer-graphic designers. Soak in the beauty of every square centimeter on your trip up the stairs! :)

And, if you'd like, send some comments to the artists, and let them know what you think of their contributions! :)

In fact, if you'd like to post a picture of your own, just mail "Njingi" and he'll tell you how to go about it! :)

(c) Copyright 1996 by Njingi

The Lamp Room
You've had a long, hard climb to reach the top of the Lighthouse!

Welcome to the Lamp Room, where poets share their humble offerings. Pull up a captain's chair and relax! Breathe the crisp, fresh ocean air, and enjoy the moonlight as it splashes over the waves. And listen, as our poets transport you to another place and time!

If you'd like to submit some poetry of your own, just mail "Njingi" and he'll tell you how to go about it.

Or if you'd like to make comments, ask a question, or post critiques on a specific section, or the entire story, just click twice on the "Post Comments Here!!!" file! Enjoy! :)

The OverLook
The mariner remembers when a child,
On his first voyage, he saw it fade and sink;
And when, returning from adventures wild,
He saw it rise again o'er Ocean's brink.

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow --

A door leading off from the Lamp Room opens out onto a spectacular view of the countryside... far out in the distance, you hear laughing, and you can see the flicker of a small fire... Still straining to make out what is too far away to see clearly, you completely fail to notice the adjustable telescope mounted on the railing for the specific purpose of spying on those far away places. Take a look through the telescope, friend, and visit different places, some of them managed by people who are also members of our Lighthouse! Enjoy!

(All links referred to in the above "OverLook Welcome" message
are now invalid and/or broken)

...And Now On To The Stories...

The Forest Outside The First Floor

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