The Forest Outside

The collaborative "Forest Logs" listed here are by no means a complete collection...merely an extremely small sampling which managed to find a home within the walls of the Lighthouse. Countless other tales spun by the Forest Bards were not recorded in any form and are forever lost...except for those kept within the memory...

Please bear in mind that each "Forest Log" was a totally spontaneous creation. A "que" was formed and, in round-robin fashion, the next Bard in line simply picked up the tale where the previous Bard had left it...or he/she was at liberty to begin an entirely new thread. One could never tell where the story might meander or how it might end. Consequently, these imaginative offerings may prove to be somewhat ragged and inconsistent in plot...but that was and is an integral part of their charm.

Original 'Welcome' Message for the 'Forest Outside'

Before you reach the door to our Lighthouse you stop and gaze about at the beauty around you... a scene that can only be found near a beach. One thing strikes you as odd, however. Right in front of you, on the ground, is a rather large, hollowed-out log, filled with parchments. These, my friend, are the Forest Logs... copies of stories written in an online Chat Room on Tuesday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST. The stories contained within are wildly different in nature - from murder mysteries to fantasy to sci-fi, there are no limits to the imaginations of those who meet in the Forest.

Take a look through these parchments, friend, and when you're finished, go on and enter our Lighthouse! :)

(c) Copyright 1996 by Njingi

Index of the Forest Logs
The Mortally Immortal
CD Dissolvement
Free Association Doesn't Pay
Bombs Away But We're OK
All's Fair In Love And Veritech
The Lime JellO Strikes Back
A Mason's Tale Of Marriage And Odanga
Raymond, Gerbil Or Mad Scientist?
Vampires In A Paris Garden

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