The First Floor

It is believed that none of the collaborative tales which follow ever reached a conclusion...but who knows,
maybe one day the threads will be gathered again and woven into a complete tapestry...

Original 'Welcome' Message for the 'First Floor'

Well, now that you're inside, let us make you feel at home! :)

Go on, take a seat over there, near the wall... beside you, on the shelves, are pages and pages of collaborative stories - stories that are started by one person, continued by another, and so on. The themes of these stories range from Science Fiction to Fantasy to mixtures of both... and I hear that a Courtroom-based story is even in the works. Not a single one of these stories has ended yet, a couple have just begun, and more are currently on the way!

Take your time, leaf through as many as you want, and if you want to join in, just write "Njingi" for more information. You can even post comments, questions, or critiques on any section, if you like! Most of all, enjoy! :)

(c) Copyright 1996 by Njingi

Index of Collaborative Tales

A Day In The Life

Gavin's Voices
The Jungle Is Alive
Sand Witches Here
What's In A Name?

In preparation...not yet available for viewing

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