A Day In The Life Of A Teenage Philanthropist:
Original Introduction

Join us as we explore Trevor's 15 year old world........ A Day in the Life (etc. etc.) has something for everyone: Romance, swashbuckling, terror, excitement.

Heck, we even have a large pink bunny with a bow around its neck holding a balloon!! (I think that's my FAVorite part!!!). How can ANYone resist that???

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If you would like to join us in our quest to make Trevor's life even more messed up than it already is, e-mail me at AdmiralKT and I will put you on our QUE. You should also let me know if you're going on vacation, fleeing the country (I won't make you explain), going to jail or anything else that may interfere with you writing your part, so I can change the QUE accordingly. When it's your turn and you've finished your addition you should send it to Njingi. He is our editor!! Then he will distribute it to all involved.

Sound like fun? Well, jump aboard our bandwagon and take a trip back to highschool........

--AdmiralKT & Njingi--

Chapter One

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