Some accomplishments are achieved by virtue of one's sole efforts...other successes are attained only through coaxing, urging and, when needed, even a little browbeating. Penumbra would not have been possible without the assistance and persuasion of Jet Wolf. Yes, she nagged...yes, she became irritable at my procrastination...but still, she always stood ready to lend assistance.

Without her tutoring on the arts of scanning, graphic orchestration and manipulation of that confusing cipher known as "html," this site would never have departed from the realm of imagination into the world of cyber reality.

Most certainly she is stubborn, surly and sarcastic. Without a doubt, she is also at times antagonistic, abrupt and acid-tongued. She is, after all, her mother's daughter! That having been said, those who know her best, are well aware that she is also something of a sweetheart...although she will probably have my head on a platter for saying so!

But, no matter...since I bestowed upon her the name which appears upon her birth certificate, then I feel it is well within my rights to also refer to her as a "sweetie," if I so choose. And I do so choose!

Merci bien, Sweetie, for all the help and (I reluctantly suppose) all the cajoling. I truly could never have done this without you.

I would also like to add a sincere "thank you" to Mimi who graciously offered to supply graphics (an opportunity upon which I leapt) in order to lend a little unique touch of class by way of enhancement, for her enthusiasm, both before and after Penumbra's drawbridge was officially lowered, and for being one of the first to add a link on her own page to the site. A gesture which I happily reciprocate here.

If you will take the arched doorway to the east, you will be transported to Mimi's "Grotto," a delight not to be missed, and if you exit through the portal to the west, you will find yourself in Jet Wolf's "Heart of the Flames," where you are likely to encounter just about anything!

Jet Wolf's Heart of the Flames Mimi's Grotto

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