Hall of Festivities

Within the Hall of Festivities, Tontine the Jester awaits your command. The bells upon his pointed cap jingle merrily for he is a jolly fellow...although you might be uncertain as to whether the smile which plays about his lips really indicates a stifled chuckle at your mode of dress or hesitant approach with stilted stride. Tontine is Master of the Feast. There is little about ceremonial traditions that he has not documented and keeps securely in his memory. Tontine is anxious to divulge the knowledge he has garnered through the years and stands ready to direct you onward.

Perhaps you are searching for the true identity of the jovial chap known as Saint Nicholas...or maybe you are seeking the origin of the celebrations of Halloween. Tontine is brimming with revelations and information.

The Hall of Festivities is Tontine's realm and he lords over his domain. However, beyond these walls, Tontine has other work and his time is not always his own. He is obliged to answer the summons of Penumbra's rulers when they call upon him to provide fun and merriment. After all, he is first and foremost the Monarch's Fool. But, it is here that Tontine returns when his duties are done.

"What would you like to know?," he asks, hopping excitedly from one foot to the other, eyes as bright as the jeweled scrolls which he often juggles with an expert hand.

He regards you quizzically, eager to divulge the lore of ceremonial custom. But beware, Tontine is a cunning character. Can you truly be sure that the knowledge he holds is fact or simply a fancy of his own imagination?

It is doubtful that Tontine will ever tell.

Tradition of New Year Tradition of Mardi Gras

Tradition of Halloween

Tradition of Thanksgiving Tradition of Christmas

Tradition of All Fools Day

Tradition of Saint Valentine's Day Tradition of Saint George's Day

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