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Chevron takes a stand for human rights

Chevron's support for human rights is clear and unwavering. It's the same wherever we do business.

While recognizing the diverse and sometimes complex social and economic issues that face many countries in which we operate, this statement provides a framework for constructive dialogue on human rights issues. It also explains what our support for universal human rights means to us as a business and as a member of society.

Valuing Our Employees

At Chevron, promoting human rights begins by respecting our employees.

This is made clear in our Human Rights Statement. It acknowledges our support for the United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the principles in the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The statement also reaffirms our support for the Global Sullivan Principles. These principles prohibit child labor, forced labor and discriminatory behavior as well as recognize the rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining. We prefer business partners that treat their employees similarly.

Chevron was among the original companies to support the Global Sullivan Principles when they were announced by the Reverend Leon Sullivan in 1999. Although Rev. Sullivan has since passed on, the principles he established, which address human rights as well as a range of other social and environmental issues, continue to help guide the way we work with communities.

Ensuring Safe Operations

In addition to our existing management system that governs security, we provide security in a manner consistent with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. These principles recognize the importance of promoting and protecting human rights and stress the constructive role business and other sectors of society can play in advancing these goals.

We distribute these principles worldwide to our operating companies and business units, which are charged with implementing them according to local laws and conditions. And we make training on the principles available to our global security advisors.

The principles were written in collaboration with energy and mining companies, the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, and nongovernmental organizations.

When we operate in locations where there is conflict, our primary responsibility is to preserve the safety of our employees. To the extent feasible, we seek to benefit the communities in these conflict areas.

Leading by Example

Our support for human rights is long-standing, as expressed in both The Chevron Way and the Chevron Business Conduct and Ethics Code.

In addition, our Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment process is based on understanding the communities where we work and respecting their traditions and cultures. We also seek community input to design and implement community engagement programs that are consistent with local needs.

Training Our Employees

In 2006, we developed a training program concurrent with the release of our Human Rights Statement. This program contains an overview of the definition of human rights and of international documents and voluntary initiatives that support human rights. It also outlines how human rights can be supported in the context of the company's role as a member of society.

We provide our employees with training on all of these policies and practices, and we stress that such policies and practices be applied regardless of where we operate.

More than 1,200 employees have completed the training. The Human Rights Statement will be incorporated into the revised Business Conduct and Ethics Code to be released in early 2008. Every Chevron employee must read and receive training on the code.

At the center of our human rights efforts lies the belief that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.


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