British Women On-Line

Received on October 21, 2001 from Jean Dovey.
Thank you, Jeanie...I was never more delighted.

Received on October 21, 2001 from Barbara at "Crew's Nest."
I am so envious...would that I could fashion such an exquisite creation.
Truly beautiful work...thank you so much, Barbara.

Both received on October 21, 2001 from Patti, also known as Tish.
What marvellous talent!
Thank you for these wonderful welcoming acknowledgments, Tish.

Received on October 21, 2001 from how cute is that?
What a talented bunch these girls are! Thank you, Jackie.

Received on October 27, 2001 from Di...and the talent continues to amaze.
Thank you for the welcome gift, Di...and for adding me to the quilt.

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