Rainbow Remembrances

This peaceful area is a place of memories and memorials...my own personal tribute to sweet-natured DiDee, to whom this Rainbow Bridge Site is dedicated, may be found here...along with my personal tribute to dear little Dixie, DiDee's long-time cantankerous companion. This area also honors two dogs in history who have particularly touched my heart with their stories...the valiant canine named Laika and the devoted Greyfriar's Bobby. In addition, pursuant to a special request, there is a memorial to a small Yorkshire Terrier, Liz's Romeo Winston, who may or may not have yet scampered to Rainbow Bridge. Romeo was regretably obliged to find a new home in November of 2002 and, at that time, was unfortunately not in the best of health. To his original owner, this loss of Romeo is as heartfelt as any whose cherished companion has passed on.

Within BlueBird Bower, you may submit the name of your beloved pet, species (all are welcome...whether furred, feathered, scaled or otherwise), birthdate (if known) and date of arrival at Rainbow Bridge. Given a few recent inquiries as to the creation of a plaque to those who have suffered a loss due to a sudden disappearance, for example, the BlueBirds are more than happy to oblige in honoring the memory of the little ones who are no longer with their owners...for whatever reason. In such circumstances, simply indicate the last date your pet was with you and that will be used as the time of departure. If you would like such a plaque to be displayed within the Bower, please visit that area for further details. There are many sites which offer similar memorials...but it is believed there can never be too many places in which a special tribute may be paid to all those who wait patiently at Rainbow Bridge or who will do so at some point in the future...whether or not the date of their arrival is ever truly known.

Tribute to DiDee
Tribute to Dixie
Tribute to Harley
Tribute to Laika
Tribute to Greyfriar's Bobby
Tribute to Liz's Romeo Winston
BlueBird Bower

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